From San Diego to LAX

  • From San Diego to LAX

From San Diego to LAX

Looking for a reliable luxury airport transportation service from San Diego to LAX? You can stop searching now! The answer is right here; 619 Limo’s affordable but luxurious airport transportation service!

Affordable & Luxurious Rides from San Diego to LAX

There are plenty of possible reasons why you would want and why it would be worth to use 619 Limo’s transportation service. It may be because you want to impress your business clients by giving them instant access to transportation as soon as they went out of the arrival area. It can also be because you want to treat you and your family, but do not want to overdo it by renting a limo. Either case, 619 Limo is certain that you will be able to impress your clients and treat yourself along with the family without going overboard with their service.

You cannot only enable that for your clients and your family. You can also enable that at the price you can afford, which is a package you can never find from any taxis or shuttles. The rates we offer for our service is very affordable. At a reasonable amount, you can already fulfill your desire to travel in luxury, style and comfort.

Prompt and Convenient Service

Taxis and shuttles do offer the transportation means you require to get from San Diego to LAX. However, there are some disadvantages to choosing these modes of transportations. You will have to wait for taxis for some time before you can get a ride. With shuttles, you will have to endure the frequent stop-over before you can get to the airport. That’s something that would prove to be inconvenient if you are in a hurry. With our service, we pick you up promptly as what you stated. No need to worry about waiting and frequent stop-over. We will get you to the airport with still enough time before your scheduled flight.

Meet Our New Economy Class!

We have three attractive and economical options for your transportation from LAX to San Diego. Get into our economy car at $179 for up to 2 passengers and 2 luggages. Our Luxury Sedan is for $199 for up to 3 passengers and 3 luggages. Let in with your friends and family in the Luxury Sedan for $249 for up to 6 passengers and 6 luggages.

Well-Maintained, Clean & Feature-Rich Fleet of Vehicles

If there’s one thing the company can always guarantee to you, it would be the fact that you can always access a cost-efficient service that features clean, well-maintained and feature-rich vehicles. You may find clean and well-maintained transportation from San Diego to LAX, but you can never find vehicles that are also feature-rich just like what 619 Limo has. All our fleet of vehicles are featuring groomed exterior and interior; enough leg room and luggage space. Plus, a state of the art entertainment system with our iPads with data plan and movie selection.

No More Boring Trips!

When you commute with us, be ready to experience more than privacy and comfort. We also offer iPads for long trips. Enjoy our new iPads with wifi, game applications and movie selection during your trip from San Diego to LAX.

World-Class Customer Service

Making reservation with us is always a breeze. Just book online, and we will take care of the rest. Apart from the ease of making reservation with us, our team is also composed of experienced and professional chauffeurs who have exemplary records in driving and dealing with clients/passengers. Our chauffeurs are all friendly as well and are prompt.

Now that you have found the solution to your transportation needs from San Diego to LAX, the only thing left is to give your answer. Would you like fulfill your dream to travel in style and comfort with our help? Contact us at 619-354-6603 now and make a reservation!

From San Diego to LAX

What Our Customers Are Saying?

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I would highly recommend to everybody. I used this services a couple times last month and I was very pleased. Good price and car really comfortable. The driver was very friendly and made me feel welcomed in SD. I had a safe trip! Thank you!
My husband and I used the services of 619 Limo both to and from the airport for our recent vacation. We were so pleased with the service, it was on time, a comfortable town car that was neat and clean on the inside, two bottles of water, and an iPad or magazines to look at as we travelled. Murat is an exceptional driver and you feel very safe with him behind the wheel. I concur with the other reviewers, it was exceptional service at a reasonable price.
My friends and I have used their services a couple of times and have been very satisfied with with everything. Clean cars, friendly staff left me very pleased. I would highly recommend them (Y)

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